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Custom Hairbrushes

Monroe Brush is an industry leading hairbrush designer and manufacturer, creating the finest quality styling brushes that provide amazing results and withstand the continual use of the salon environment. We also offer custom hairbrush manufacturing and design options. You will simply be amazed at the difference a little design ingenuity makes in a hairbrush.

Custom Design

Let us create a custom designed salon hairbrush to suit your needs. When designing and manufacturing a brush, we take into consideration your performance needs, the hair type of your clients and the styles you want to achieve. Our designers then come up with the most efficient, ergonomically designed, high-quality brush. We use 100% first-cut natural boar bristle, the best and most effective bristle for creating smooth, shiny, healthy hair.

Custom Colors

Match your brand with a custom color! We offer several different core colors and bristle colors, but our soft cushion handles are only available in black and tan. You can choose a brush base of wood with ceramic paint or one with a colored ceramic core for even faster drying time. For more information about custom colors, please contact us.


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